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CorpDirect serves thousands of small businesses and publicly traded companies, and is appointed by top law firms on behalf of their corporate clients. Our clients use online tools to keep their entities in goodstanding and liability protection in place.

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We offer free change of agent projects and discounts for volume representation.

Our service includes:

  • Access to CorpDirect EMSSM
  • Forward service of process (SOP) same day
  • Telephone and e-mail notification of SOP
  • Response date alerts
  • SOP history and scanned copies
  • Forward annual reports
  • Forward legal and official correspondence
  • Forward most general correspondence
  • Annual report reminders
  • Free status checks at renewal and upon request
  • Discounts for pre-employment screening

Review specifics on our service, processing and responsibility before considering us for registered agent services.


CorpDirect EMS - online Entity Management System

CorpDirect EMS

Use CorpDirect EMSSM to lighten the responsibility of managing data on corporate entities, including:

  • Corporate registration date
  • Jurisdictions of registration
  • Charter number
  • Fiscal year info
  • Corporate principals
  • Agent of record
  • Corporate contacts
  • Service of process history and document images
  • Annual report due dates

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