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Non-tax certificate retrieval

Let us assist with expediting the retrieval of non-tax certificates that can be obtained on certain estates from the Florida Department of Revenue. For more information and to obtain the required release form, please contact us.

Liquour license lien search

Liquor licenses can have liens filed against them. These liens are recorded with the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco. Provide us the license number and owner's name and we can perform the lien search.

Our public records research services

  • Airport package pick-up/delivery
  • Apostille certificates
  • Certificate of status - insurance
  • Certificate of eligibility for records expungment (FDLE)
  • Certificate of need retrieval - Florida
  • Condominium and land sales filing - Florida
  • County divorce search
  • County marriage license search
  • County publication
  • County recording
  • Court records search
  • Liquor license liens search
  • Miscellaneous research
  • Motions pleadings briefs filing
  • Non-tax certificate
  • Owners and encumbrances search (real property)
  • Personal property tax search
  • Probate search
  • Professional license search
  • Real property search

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